WPGC 2018 Weather Sweepstake


St Agnes Gig Club

in aid of

The SHAH 1872

During the week leading up to the World Pilot Gig Championships a lot of us will have a close eye on the weather, some might be hoping for a bit of wind to make it choppy but I expect most of us will be hoping for flat calm seas.

To make the wait a little bit more exciting we have decided to run a sweepstake of the weather conditions: wind strength and direction. Tickets will be drawn from a virtual hat on Saturday 21st April Monday 23rd April at 15:00 (12 days before the St Agnes races) and assigned to you randomly. The winners (£20) will have tickets that match the average wind strength at midday on Saturday 5th May at St Marys airport as reported by Windfinder. The top prize of £40 will go to the ticket which matches the direction as well as correct strength.

Tickets cost £1 each. Every ticket has a wind strength from 1mph to 65mph and a direction (Northerly, North Easterly, Easterly, South Easterly, Southerly, South Westerly, Westerly, North Westerly). There are 520 tickets in total, if these sell out quickly we will consider releasing another batch.

We will aim to distribute prizes after the Men's long race, the Shah (blue and white) is usually at the western end of the beach near the Atlantic although we will try to find your gig if you are competing.

Note: Some tickets are more likely to win than others due to the way the wind is measured. If the wind strength is over 65mph no prize will be awarded. No refunds will be given after the draw.

We will delete your personal data once all prizes have been awarded, we expect this to be no later than 12th May. Your data will not be sold or distributed and we will only contact you with your ticket and again if you have won.

View the results of the draw.

  • Tickets cost £1 each
  • £40 Top prize (Wind strength and Direction)
  • £20 Runner up (×7 - Just wind strength)
  • Total of 520 tickets
  • Draw takes place Saturday 21st April
  • Monday 23rd April at 15:00
  • Tickets drawn at random
  • You do not get to choose your ticket
  • You cannot buy tickets after the draw
  • Results:Windfinder at 12pm Sat 5th May

To purchase a ticket fill out your details, click the "Confirm Details" button, click the Yellow PayPal button and authorise payment via PayPal.